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  On the morning of September 20, Yuandong Company held the first extraordinary shareholders meeting in 2018. The meeting was chaired by Liu Yansheng, the chairman of the board of directors. Some shareholders and authorized representatives of the shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior management of the company attended the meeting. Attorneys from Beijing Jiayuan Law Firm attended the testimony and published the legal opinions of this extraordinary general meeting.

After careful deliberation, the participating shareholders passed the "Proposal on Proposing to Sell Assets of Old Factory Areas", "Proposal of the Company to Establish Intelligent Transmission Industrial Park Project of Automobile Transmission System" and "Proposal of the Company's Semi-annual Profit Distribution Plan for 2018". Participants said that the company's development momentum in the first half of 2018 is steady and its operating performance is bright. Among the 78 listed companies in Henan, it is one of the few companies that have paid dividends for half a year. These are inseparable from the excellent management and efforts of the management of the three conferences. The three proposals are in line with the company's development needs, are conducive to industrial transformation and upgrading, and have a positive role in promoting the future development of the Far East Company. Among them, the Far East Company's semi-annual profit distribution proposal is based on excellent operating results and cash dividends to make all-term dividends to all shareholders, returning to the majority of shareholders.
At the meeting, Chairman Liu Yansheng reported to the shareholders of the company on the development and operation of the company in the first half of 2018, and made clear that the company will use the automotive powertrain intelligent manufacturing industrial park and other projects in management, technology, technology, equipment and intelligence. There is a comprehensive improvement in manufacturing, environmental protection, energy conservation, logistics, etc., and it will soon become a world-class transmission shaft supplier that is more environmentally friendly, smarter and more international.

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