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The product is our character, the quality is the life of “Far East”; use “Far East” products to let you enjoy every day!

Your needs are our pursuit. We can not only produce according to your technical requirements, but also design the special drive shafts that you need according to your wishes, so as to ensure your full satisfaction. Your order is our order, we solemnly promise:

Drive shaft service life The drive shaft assembly we manufacture has a service life of more than 250,000 km under normal use conditions. If the user uses one year or 50,000 km, all losses caused by the quality problems of the drive shaft are compensated by the company.

The drive shaft is supplied from all kinds of orders, within 500 kilometers, and can provide you with 100 sets of drive shafts within 15 hours. Within 500----1000 km, you can provide 200 sets of transmissions in 30 hours. Axle; within 1000-2000 km, 300 sets of drive shafts are available in 60 hours. And to ensure that the root is a boutique, using new material packaging, directly to the customer's workstation.

Maintenance of the drive shaft When the drive shaft we manufacture is in use, if there is any abnormal situation, we will arrive at the scene within 10 hours from the time we receive your information; within 1000 km, we will arrive at the scene within 20 hours; Within 2,000 km, we arrived at the scene 36 hours. To provide you with quality service, to ensure that you are fully satisfied. 服务承诺



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