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Company Address: Shangji Town, Beijiao, Xuchang City, Henan Province, China
Zip code: 461111
Marketing Department Tel: +86-374-5651328 Fax: +86-374-5654105 Contact: Zhang Guojun
Company Office: +86-374-5654034 Fax: +86-374-5651320 Contact: Zhou Xiaohui
Human Resources Department: +86-374-5654031 Fax: +86-374-5651320 Contact: Fu Dongan
By car: In the city of Xuchang, take the 4th and 2nd roads to the North Station and turn to the 106th and 206th buses to reach the factory.


Vigorously develop digital factories, the robot market is promising
"Made in China 2025" is the right time
2015 car sales are expected to break 25 million mark
The best timetable for buying a car in 2015: May is the peak period of the offer