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  On August 28th, Shao Qiyi, secretary of the Jian'an District Party Committee of Xuchang City, and Ms. Shi Caixia, deputy general manager of the company, went to Zhu Junfeng, a poor household in Zhuzhuang Village, Xiaozhao Township, Jian'an District, to congratulate his son Zhu Zhitao for being admitted to the Henan Provincial Vocational College of Transportation. Shao Shuji purchased the suitcase at his own expense as a gift, and Ms. Shi Caixia sent a scholarship of 5,000 yuan on behalf of the company.

Zhu Junfeng had a happy family, and the husband and wife became poor due to car accidents and diseases, and they were burdened with heavy debts. In 2017, Far East Company and Xiaozhao Township Zhuzhuang Village carried out paired assistance and precise poverty alleviation activities, and provided 200 yuan per month for each poor household including Zhu Junfeng (direct punching), and through donations, donations, Help students improve the production and living conditions of poor households.
Zhu Junfeng is not the only one. Outside of Zhuzhuang Village, Far East Company has also carried out the “100 Enterprises to Help 100 Villages” with Baimiao Huang, Dongyulin, Xiqiaolin, Dagang Li, Xiaozhao Township, Zhengyang and Xiaoqu Villages in Yulin Township, Jian'an District. Poverty alleviation activities, giving full play to the advantages of enterprises in employment and capital, through the industry assistance + capital poverty alleviation model, assisting nearly 200 people in 58 households, providing jobs for poor villagers with working ability, and providing job skills training free of charge, At the same time, the financial assistance for poor households who have lost their ability to work demonstrates the humanitarian spirit of a socially responsible enterprise and the broad-mindedness of helping the poor, and has made due contributions to achieving the goal of comprehensive poverty alleviation in 2020.

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