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Preferred selection

The company needs a large number of outstanding talents who can work hard, work hard, and work seriously.

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The company establishes a talent pool and arranges jobs according to the characteristics of talents.。

Corporate Philosophy

Mission: To be a world-class company respected by society

Vision: Building a billion-dollar group and achieving a hundred years of Far East

Core values: hard work, excellence

Work theme: innovation every day

The company's "1223" strategy: around a center - innovation development; adhere to two-wheel drive - high-tech drive and customer satisfaction quality drive; focus on two transformation and upgrade - the company's development ideas transformation and upgrading and corporate management model transformation and upgrading; Three strategies: high-end products, intelligent manufacturing, and international market.

Require all employees:

1. It should be noted that the company's mission, vision, core values, work melody and company strategy should be remembered, and its profound connotation should be understood;

2. It should be known how many branches, how many workshops, and how many functions are available in the company;

3. Every first-line employee should know how many production lines are in this workshop, the production line code and work station and process.


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Copyright © YODON All Rights Reserved.

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